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The On The Buses events in Borehamwood take all of seven months of organising and to make them possible a number of people make a valuable contribution. Without their contribution the event would not be possible on the scale that is and this page will list that supporting cast.

Robert Hickey - Rob is a lifelong resident of Borehamwood and plays a key part in organising the event. He puts in the miles visiting houses we visit on our locations tours to warn of our visits, sets up deals with local cafes and of course has organised Sunday tours at our events dedicated to ITC series, The Invisible Man with celebrity Deborah Watling in attendance and Village of the Damned locations tours. Thanks Rob your hard work is very much appreciated. 

Dean Sullivan - Dean is a key part of our event. His company, Sullivan Buses, kindly supply their buses for the locations tours at our event and have done so since 2009. Without Dean's help and vast knowledge of such events and the filming industry for which his buses have been used in many films and television series from EastEnders to Harry Potter, our event would struggle to perform to the standard it does. It is a pleasure having Dean's assistance.

Paul Welsh MBE - Paul was a great help in the formative years helping to get the event supported in the town and also organising an event which became a tie-on to our event in the evenings at Elstree Studios with a plethora of stars from the big and small screen in attendance. He is also popular with the paying public at our events as he is a mine of information on the history of film and television production in Borehamwood and was to lead the campaign to save Elstree Studios from closure in the 1990's. It is always great to meet up with Paul.

Steve Holden - Steve, of course, founder of the Official On The Buses Fan Club was chief organiser of the event up until 2012 and even today he carries on helping promote and add to the event's celebrity guest list and lots more. Now more actively involved with the Holiday On The Buses events, Steve remains a big part of the events and his knowledge and popularity amongst On The Buses fans and celebrities is well-known. Keep up the great work Steve.

Other honourable mentions must go to Neville at Proscreens who every year supplies the digital video equipment at the event and helps out in ways not expected of him with cleaning up and helping in the kitchen etc. A great addition to the event.


Milly the Bakers supply the catering and have done so for the last three years and we have always been pleased with the quality and quantity supplied and its punctuality.

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