Holiday On The Buses Event


In recent years, as a result of the success of the Borehamwood event and down to popular demand, myself and Steve Holden have begun organising events held in the autumn in the North Wales seaside resort of Prestatyn where, of course, Holiday On The Buses was filmed. Residing in chalets just like Stan and the Butler family we take in the filming locations and have a great social time together over the weekend. This year we are planning to do another such event but organising has yet to begin but watch this page for breaking news as organising gets under way later in the year.


Latest News


It is expected that this year's Holiday On The Buses event will take place in the last weekend of September. More news and confirmation on this as and when available. I will just add though that tickets for this event will be reserved on the Official On The Buses Fan Club at


The Official On The Buses Fan Club now has a page up and running with all the latest news for the Holiday On The Buses Event. It can be found at




Map of Prestatyn

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