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The 2015 On The Buses Jamboree event will boast a plentiful list of celebrities on Saturday the 27th of June with connections with On The Buses as creators, producers, actors, actresses and film crew. These will be happy to answer your questions and sign autographs whilst posing for photographs. The celebrity guest list , as always, is subject to availability.





Ronald Chesney - The co-creator and co-writer of On The Buses who has attended every one of our events. His writing partnership with the late Ronald Wolfe is legendary creating comedy masterpieces in the 1950s, 60s and 70s. He is also recognised as one of the greatest harmonica players in the world and has performed in the best musical arenas in the world. It is a pleasure to have a man of many talents with us once again.

Stuart Allen - The producer/director of the first four series of On The Buses amidst which are much of the best ever episodes, Stuart could also boast a career that saw him produce hits such as Mrs Wilson's Diaries, Love Thy Neighbour, Never Mind The Quality Feel The Width, The Rag Trade and Mind Your Language to name but a few. Stuart returns for his sixth visit and much appreciated it is too.

Anna Karen - The actress who brought the wonderful character Olive to life in On The Buses. Anna has also appeared in the classic Carry On films, reprised her role of Olive in The Rag Trade and recently played Aunt Sal in the long-running hit soap EastEnders. Anna joins us for the fourth time and it is an honour to have a mainstream member of the cast of On The Buses to grace us with her presence. 

Andria Lawrence - Andria played Turnaround Betty in the first spin-off film and also made an appearance in the Series Four episode 'Canteen Trouble'. She was also to appear in a range of classic Hammer films in the 1970s and in films such as Man About The House before retiring from acting in the early 1980s to enter the publishing trade.

Harry 'Aitch' Fielder - Harry appeared in Mutiny On The Buses as a busman and his acting resume is immense. As a bit-part actor he has appeared in Carry On films as well as films ranging from Star Wars to Indiana Jones. On television he was a double to Mike Pratt in Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) and appeared in episodes of Steptoe and Son, The Sweeney, Doctor Who, Fawlty Towers and so much more. Too much to mention.

Roger Ferris - Roger makes his debut at this week's event and was the man who wrote the lyrics to the fantastic theme song 'It's A Great Life On The Buses' for the first spin-off film. He was also present in the recording studios at Abbey Road as The Beatles recorded their final albums. He also went on to write hit songs for Arrows in the 1970s and now tours with his own band.

Phil Campbell - Phil worked as a runner for Hammer Films productions in the early 1970s working with an array of iconic film stars and many years later has co-wrote (along with Brian Reynolds) an enlightening book called Running Scared chartering both author's memories of working on some of Hammers best known films of all-time.

 In addition we are hoping to be joined by more special guests. The first has a connection with all three spin-off films where he worked on those as a production supervisor. He had a long association with Hammer Films going on to become a executive and later alongside Brian Lawrence was seen as the saviour of Hammer when he brought Hammer productions to television in the early 1980s with great success - his name is Roy Skeggs. Watch this space. 



Celebrity News Update

It is now unlikely that Ronnie Chesney will be in attendance this year. Ronnie is now 95 and to have had him attend all previous seven events was a big bonus but now as he approaches his century these events must take a back seat (not Ronnie's words) but I am sure we all wish him and Pat well and he will be at the event in spirit.


Also Stuart Allen may not be able to attend as he has not been in the best of health in recent weeks and has been in hospital. Stuart has attended every event since 2009 and hopefully we will see him again next year. Get well soon Stuart.


Just to clarify that we are seeking replacement celebrities as well for the event so watch this space.

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