The 2015 On The Buses Event

Post-event Message

   Well another On the Buses event is over for another year. For the event to happen to the scale it does we have to say a huge thank you to Sullivan Buses - as always they entered the spirit splendidly and with great professionalism. All staff at the hall must be thanked such as the caretakers behind the scenes, our soundmen Kevin and Jordan and Caroline and Jacqueline our canteen staff. Robert Hickey our co-organiser for the footwork he does locally, our buffet providers Milly's, Steve Lilly with his wonderful art stall, Cliff our photographer, Steve Holden and George Darlow for their memorabilia and Ray Warren for his efforts for the Sunday event as well. Of course a huge thank you as well to all our attending celebrities Anna Karen, Andria Lawrence, Roy Skeggs, Phil Campbell, Roger Ferris, Roy Scammell and Pat Gavin.


Fans come from all over the UK to attend such as Phil from Ireland, Caroline and Jacqueline and her family from Scotland, Steven and his family from Skegness (thanks for the rock and badges), our ever presents such as Simeon, Paul, Ray and Chris and without you all these events would not happen. For me this event is more than just a celebrity bash - it is a social event and it has seen many great friendships being formed. Thank you each and everyone - it was great.


See you in 2016.




Craig Walker (Organiser)













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